Fight or Flight is a webcomic about robots. It’s about robots discovering where they are, how they came to be, what they are willing to do to survive, and, most of all, what kind of robot they want to be.

There’s also an insane AI, a rampaging super villain, a guard ‘bot named Fluffy, and downloadable revelation!

Concept Art 1

It all began when Skippy and Mosier, gigantic fans of a certain transforming robot toy line, wanted to make a MMO. They quickly realized that this was beyond their skill and means. Mosier suggested that Skippy write some fiction in the game’s universe to attract coders to the project. Skippy responded with, “You know what might work better than serial fiction? A webcomic!”

Shortly thereafter, we found Rick, and the first attempt at Fight or Flight kicked into gear. We had a lot of enthusiasm and hope, but we ran into the kinds of problems that volunteer projects run into. A few months after postings began, the comic shut its virtual doors.

I had a really hard time letting go of this story. For a while, I’d regularly take out the scripts, look through the old material, and ponder. I even created a paper issue in the hopes that we could publish it as a creator-owned comic through Image. It didn’t go anywhere, and eventually I put the scripts in my “trunked” folder.

A couple of years later, when I was in a much better financial situation, I had that feeling again. I wanted to bring it back. So, I commissioned Rick to finish the second chapter, bringing the story to about 40 pages of art. I got the domain back, dusted off the website files, and prepared for a re-launch. And on January 1, 2019, Fight or Flight returned to the intarwebs! With a weekly update schedule, we had enough of a buffer to last until October of 2019.

Concept Art 2

But, this time around, I wasn’t satisfied with just a webcomic. That attempt with Image had put the seed in my brain, and I’d had an idea. I intended to have paper copies of Issue 0 and Issue 1 available for purchase on relaunch day, so that in exchange for a little bit of money, readers could have the full story right away. Alas, life (fatherhood, husbandhood, day job, other projects, procrastination) got the better of me, and paper copies would not be finalized and available until May of 2019.

Where are we now? Looking for artists. The story is designed to be open-ended enough to continue, but segmented enough to end at any point. Another way to put that – there are no cliffhangers, and there aren’t going to be. But, in order for the story to continue, I need to find an artist to make with the drawing in exchange for the monies.

But, don’t worry! Even if the comic needs to go on hiatus, I doubt very much that I’ll ever to be able to truly let go of it.